Ways To Lose That Baby Fat!

Moms everywhere struggle with losing the baby fat they have put on during pregnancy.  Here is a healthy tip  on doing just that from Tracy Sabol at News 8.

20 Ways To Be Heart Healthy: Working off baby weight safely

News 8’s Tracy Sabol has tips on safe ways to work off baby weight.

I hope you find this of help.  This is a universal problem that most women have to deal with after giving birth to their child.

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Is Socializing Important as You Age?

Socializing ranks right up there with diet and exercise on the “aging” ladder of importance. Sometimes, when a spouse dies or a senior falls into ill health, friends and family withdraw simply because the person doesn’t fit in anymore with their lifestyles. Rather than keeping busy and finding other friends or methods of socializing, seniors often develop depression which can lead to other diseases such as alcoholism, heart disease and even cancer.

It’s been proven that seniors who enjoy an active social life can extend their lives by years. There are an abundance of benefits for socializing other than life extension –stress reduction, a feeling of importance and high self esteem are just a few of the benefits. Keeping active also reduces the risk of mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Continue reading “Is Socializing Important as You Age?” »

Just What Is A Yeast Infection?

If you were recently diagnosed, you may be thinking, “Just what is a yeast infection?”  This common condition affects women of all ages – and even some men.  But because it can be found in a private area you may be less apt to discuss it and ask your questions out loud.

Yeast is something that lives in your body all the time.  You actually need it to be healthy.  It’s found throughout your body.  When you’re healthy all goes well.  The yeast is kept in check by the bacteria, and other cells inside the body.

When things get a little out of whack, yeast tends to become overgrown and can cause problems.  Things like taking too many antibiotics, steroids, stress, and hormonal fluctuations from the menstrual cycle can cause yeast to multiply enough to cause an infection.  Did you know that pregnancy and birth control pills can also trigger yeast infections in some women. Continue reading “Just What Is A Yeast Infection?” »

How About Some Help To Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you’re participating in an activity that can actually shorten your life dramatically.  The number one killer in the United States is heart disease.  And the behavior that causes the greatest risk of heart disease is smoking.  The worst part is that heart disease causes from smoking is almost completely preventable.

The best thing you can do for your heart is to quit smoking immediately.  But quitting is easier said than done.  Here are a few tips to help you stop smoking now.  The first step to quitting is making the decision to do it.  Then you’ll need to set a date so that you can get prepared for the big lifestyle change you’re about to make.

As you’re preparing to quit smoking, you need to remove anything related to smoking from your home.  That includes lighters, ashtrays, and, of course, cigarettes.  You should also ask the people whom you’re around each day not to smoke in front of you.  Continue reading “How About Some Help To Quit Smoking” »

Do You Know What Rheumatoid Arthritis Is?

Rheumatoid Arthritis is not just an average discomfort pain – it’s an autoimmune disorder whose cause is not known. What is known is that Rheumatoid Arthritis can lead to permanent disability at any age.  Therefore, it is not just associated with older folks.

You may think of arthritis as a disease of older people, but Rheumatoid Arthritis is found in younger adults and even in children. So what can you do to keep from becoming disabled by Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Start with a nutritional consultation. You will need to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with sufficient fish oils, antioxidants, zinc, selenium and Vitamins A-C-E. These vitamins and minerals are believed to be essential in helping the body fight off the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Continue reading “Do You Know What Rheumatoid Arthritis Is?” »

Do You Have An Aching Back?

Do you feel like there’s a knife in your back due to stabbing pains in your spine? Is it hard to sit or stand and you can’t seem to find a comfortable way to get to sleep? Back pain is one of the most common complaints that doctors hear about.

Sometimes you know the reason for the back pain – a simple straining lifting of something heavy, an injury due to playing sports, an auto accident or maybe even a work related injury. Other times you have no idea what you did or didn’t do to ignite the pain.

When the back muscles are overused or wrongly used, you can feel pain for a few days and then you might notice an improvement. If the back pain doesn’t go away after a few days with rest and over the counter pain relievers, then you need to seek medical help. You may have a more serious problem that can result in chronic pain. Continue reading “Do You Have An Aching Back?” »

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms Are Serious!

If you or someone you know is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, do not feel alone. Every year, out of 100,000 people, 54 suffer from this specific type of arthritis. This isn’t a disease without hope. Although there is no formal cure, there are many different types of rheumatoid arthritis treatments used to make many of the symptoms decrease.

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis aren’t always easy to identify. Many times, patients go undiagnosed because they don’t feel like their symptoms are severe enough to warrant seeing the doctor. Some symptoms come and go as they please, depending on how severe the inflammation in your tissue and joints are.

Once your body tissue becomes inflamed, rheumatoid arthritis becomes active. When the inflammation diminishes, the disease then goes into remission, where symptoms fade. Then when the inflammation occurs again, so do the symptoms. This important factor makes rheumatoid arthritis go undiagnosed because its victims are constantly feeling bad and then better. Continue reading “Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms Are Serious!” »

Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure & Keeping it Healthy!

It’s critical for your heart health that you work on achieving and maintaining  a healthy blood pressure.  The best time to work on this is before you even develop high blood pressure, but if you’ve already been diagnosed, it’s not too late to start.

First, avoid tobacco products.  If you’ve never smoked, don’t start. And if you’re a smoker, or you use smokeless tobacco there’s no time like the present to stop.  This is one habit that can cause you to have high blood pressure and many other health problems.

Make sure that you get regular exercise.  It’s recommended that you get thirty minutes to an hour of exercise daily.  This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym.  Even taking a daily walk can do amazing things for your heart health. Continue reading “Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure & Keeping it Healthy!” »

Your Heart And The Word “Exercise”

You have probably heard that it’s important to exercise to keep your heart healthy.  But you may not know how it actually does this important job.  Sometimes knowing the actual mechanism that helps your heart will help motivate you to make the changes you need for a healthier heart.

Exercise actually helps your heart to stay in shape.  It increases the amount of blood it can pump with a single beat.  It also helps to physically strengthen the muscle that makes up your heart  (cardiac muscle.)  Improving your heart health can improve the circulation all over your body.  That means that your body is getting oxygen and nutrients delivered to it more efficiently.

Exercise is also one of the only ways that you can increase your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels. This is the good cholesterol that actually helps to reduce the amount of plaque on your blood vessels.  Having high HDL levels actually helps you to keep your blood vessels from becoming blocked. Continue reading “Your Heart And The Word “Exercise”” »

Let’s Talk Cholesterol

Cholesterol is something that we have learned to fear.  We spend a lot of time eating foods that don’t have much of it and we get our blood tested for it, but what is this strange substance that’s responsible for damaging our hearts?

Cholesterol is material that’s waxy and fatty.  It’s found in the blood and in all of the cells of the body.  In fact, cholesterol can be a good thing – you’re supposed to have some.

Our body actually puts it to good use when it’s making cell membranes and putting together the building blocks of hormones.  So why do we worry so much about having it if we need it?

Too much cholesterol in the body results in hypercholesterolemia.  This is the technical term for high cholesterol.  When our body has more cholesterol than it can use for its everyday processes, the rest of it ends up floating freely in our blood.  When this happens, it begins to become deposited on the blood vessel walls. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Cholesterol” »