How To Teach Your Child to Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Good habits start at the beginning.  Teaching our children the right way from the start just might create a burning desire in them to build good quality habits for life.

Children need to be taught the proper way how to care for their teeth as soon as their teeth begin to develop – and if you start them on the habit early, they’ll have good dental hygiene as an adult.

You have to carefully brush a baby’s teeth with a soft brush and don’t use any toothpaste until your child is aware that the toothpaste should not be swallowed. For most children, that awareness is around the age of two.

By this age, under adult supervision, children should be in the habit of brushing their teeth – and if you make it fun, children will want to brush their teeth. By the time a child reaches kindergarten age, he should be able to brush his teeth without adult supervision. Continue reading “How To Teach Your Child to Practice Good Dental Hygiene” »

Do You Know How to Manage Menopause Symptoms

Ladies lets discuss that time in life when your body goes through a life change.  Many women are unprepared as it can be a subject seldom discussed.  So lets take some time here to go over a few things in preparation for this life change.

There are many jokes about aging and some of the jokes focus on what happens when menopause hits. But the symptoms that go hand in hand with menopause aren’t a laughing matter to anyone who experiences them. You can have a few signs that menopause is approaching or you can have a lot of symptoms associated with it.

Some women notice hot flashes as one of the first signs. This is a common symptom and makes a woman feel an increase in temperature to her face and chest. You can feel hot and feel like your skin is burning. Hot flashes can cause night sweats to the point that you’ll have to change your nightwear. Continue reading “Do You Know How to Manage Menopause Symptoms” »

How To Deal With Panic Attacks

Dealing with panic attacks can be imperative to helping you live a normal life. You may already know what they are, dreading them when they hit you, but you can learn how to stop them from interrupting your daily activities.  You are not alone,  so let’s tackle this together!

The number one cause of anxiety attacks lies at the feet of stress. Some of the stress can be external but a lot of it is internal anguish. External stress that causes an attack can be things like getting held up at work when you know you have to be somewhere else or running into an ex with his or her new relationship in tow. Continue reading “How To Deal With Panic Attacks” »

5 Things A Woman Can Do to Lower Her Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can adversely affect your organs, especially your heart and your kidneys – and it can rob you of years of life. Remember, even if you’re a woman, you have just as great a risk of developing high blood pressure as a man does.

You can’t change some things when it comes to improving your odds against getting hypertension. Some women get high blood pressure as they age, but you can’t roll back the clock and become younger.

You also can’t change your genetic markers. If you have a history of hypertension in family members due to hereditary factors, you can’t change that. But there are five things you can do to lower your blood pressure.

Friday Health Tips!



5 Ways To Improve Posture When Sitting At A Desk


Most folks know that our posture is very important for the future health of our backs, but when you work at an office every day, it is quite easy to fall into bad habits.  Here are five quick fixes for improving posture when you sit at a desk.

  •  1) Support Your Lower Back

You can reduce the strain on your back with lower back support. Meaning you should use an adjustable chair so that you can find the perfect height and tilt to support your lower back. If you can’t immediately get your hands on a better chair, use a cushion to increase support in that area.

  •  2) Change the Position of Your Screen

Think about adjusting  your computer screen so that the top is basically level with your eyes. This will help you naturally sit better as you look at the screen throughout the day. It also helps to make sure that there is no glare or reflection on the screen so that you don’t have to strain to see it. Continue reading “Friday Health Tips!” »

Are You Worried About Imbalanced Hormones and Headaches

When hormonal imbalance occurs, it seems as if your entire body is working against you. Not just with headaches that occur during your period, but those that seem to linger with peri-menopause and even during menopause.

If you had severe headaches in adolescence during the years after starting your period, you might find that the same migraine type headache returns at menopause. Does not seem fair, does it?

It’s as if your hormones want to get back at you both coming and going. These headaches are probably related to hormonal shifts in your body. As a teenager, your headaches stopped after your body became use to your monthly cycle. Continue reading “Are You Worried About Imbalanced Hormones and Headaches” »

Your Family History and Your Heart

Keep in mind that as you read this that some people are adopted.  I for one am adopted and have no idea of my family past history.  Knowing I am a worry wart, to say the least, I am just fine with not knowing.

However,  I have raised a family and they are not adopted and so my family genetic  history has started.  It is good to learn as much as you can to help our next generation.

One of the most important factors in determining whether or not you’ll have a healthy heart is your family history. While lifestyle factors are also a major factor in the development of cardiac problems, your genetics play a role that shouldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading “Your Family History and Your Heart” »

When Dangerous Blood Pressure Happens

We’ve heard that high blood pressure is unhealthy, but at what point does it become dangerous blood pressure? High blood pressure is usually symptom free, so if you don’t get it tested you may never even know you have it.

High blood pressure over time can be dangerous because it causes your arteries to get harder and can lead to blockages in your blood vessels. This can lead to risk of heart attack and stroke. This situation can be very dangerous, and is.

However, there are situations when blood pressure can become so high that you have an emergency situation on your hands. If your blood pressure goes up to 220/140 mmHg, you can have deadly problems. Continue reading “When Dangerous Blood Pressure Happens” »