Lets Learn How To Read A Food Label

The most important things you can do for your own nutrition is to know what you’re eating.  In recent years, food labels have become much more user friendly and you really can know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

How we think about food is very important.  What you eat can help to give you energy, improve your immunity, and allow you to combat many diseases.  But it can also do the opposite – leave you feeling weak and even cause disease. food_labels

But if you’ve never given your food much thought, reading food labels can be intimidating.  There’s a lot of information there.  Deciding which information is important and which isn’t can be challenging.  Once you know the basics, though, you’ll read those labels with confidence.

Know Your Serving Size

Look at the serving size on the label.  Sometimes people miss this part of the label and then have an inaccurate idea of what’s actually in the food.   For example, if you have a can of soup and the label says it’s 2 servings, that means that the information on the label would be doubled if you ate the whole can. Continue reading “Lets Learn How To Read A Food Label” »