Sunburns, and All That That Implies

I made the mistake on Labor Day of going swimming without sunscreen on.  Three days later I lie awake at night and wonder when this burning will subside.  What a mistake to make for a SW Florida resident who should know better!

Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Well, I pretty much had a farmer’s tan, but on Monday I ventured into the beautiful waters of Manosota Beach, about 15 miles south of Venice, FL. I spent three good hours swimming with friends, Mike & Rhonda, and my wife Bonnie. It’s three days later now and I look like an egg over easy. I had to wear shades in the bathroom to protect my eyes from the RED glare! Why I have a bubble on my back the size of an ant hill…. and several colonies set up around it of smaller bubbles. I’m thinking of redistricting my back and charging rent….Only slept 3 1/2 hours last night…..I kept waking myself up!images

Well, my humor is getting me through this, I hope.

“I asked 10 people for their suggestions to help cope with a ban sunburn.  Here’s what they had to say…….”

  • I like a bath tub full of tepid water. Let your skin cool off in the mild temp..not cold water. Pat your skin gently when you get out and apply aloe sunburn lotion. Baby oil keeps it from feeling tight and painful. take a Tylenol too.
  • Mix some white vinegar with water, use a rag, soak and wring it out, then put it on the burn. It makes the sting stop.
  • Try diluting some vinegar and spraying it on your burn. I know it sounds funny but it really works to take the burn out.
  • Try taking a warm shower until it stops stinging it really works and I’m a red head so I have a lot of experience.
  • The burn doctor at my hospital told me to take a stick of crisco and rub it all over your sunburn. It sounds weird but trust me just give it a try and your sunburn will feel one hundred times better!
  •  Noxema works pretty good for me.
  • The best way is to prevent a sunburn in the first place by using plenty of sunblock and staying out of the sun during high noon.
  • I  use a spray bottle with whole milk a green tea bag inside and a little vinegar along with some lavender ess oil and a little bit of aloe gel. When done put a unscented heavy hydrating lotion onto burns to prevent dryness and peeling. Also drink plenty of water.
  • My doctor suggested taking 3 Ibuprofen up to three time a day, six hour intervals. And, use a Cortizone-10 creme on the sunburn.
  • Never put any “butter” like substance on a burn?! It’s sooo painful. I tried it, it’s a old tale grandparents say and it’s horrible. Definately apple cider vinegar & water! Best thing ever!

We hope one or two of these suggestions will help you with a bad sunburn, should you be unlucky enough to get one.  Leave your comments and suggestions below.  Maybe you have a valuable tip that can help someone feel better.