Help for Stress Depression

    Could you be so stressed that it’s causing depression? It is this time of year where we can feel much more stress.  Don’t feel alone. Many people today are having problems coping with the stressful events and situations bombarding our lives. When stress occurs, it triggers a “fight or flight” response in our brains and, if this occurs on a constant basis, your body and mind might begin to show symptoms of stress depression.
    When this type of chronic stress occurs, it may overwhelm you, causing depression symptoms such as mood swings, lethargy and difficulty working or attending classes. You may find it difficult to continue with a normal routine. Stress depression can be controlled by developing a few coping skills and taking better care of yourself.
    Coping skills that you may want to take advantage of include meditation, regular exercise routines, including the stretching and breathing techniques that yoga offers. Drinking too much alcohol and drug use also add to the reasons for stress depression, so try and develop a healthier lifestyle by avoiding these stress inducers and eat healthy foods that boost your body’s immune system rather than bring it down.
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