Do You Know How to Manage Menopause Symptoms

Ladies lets discuss that time in life when your body goes through a life change.  Many women are unprepared as it can be a subject seldom discussed.  So lets take some time here to go over a few things in preparation for this life change.

There are many jokes about aging and some of the jokes focus on what happens when menopause hits. But the symptoms that go hand in hand with menopause aren’t a laughing matter to anyone who experiences them. You can have a few signs that menopause is approaching or you can have a lot of symptoms associated with it.

Some women notice hot flashes as one of the first signs. This is a common symptom and makes a woman feel an increase in temperature to her face and chest. You can feel hot and feel like your skin is burning. Hot flashes can cause night sweats to the point that you’ll have to change your nightwear. Continue reading “Do You Know How to Manage Menopause Symptoms” »