Friday Health Tips!



5 Ways To Improve Posture When Sitting At A Desk


Most folks know that our posture is very important for the future health of our backs, but when you work at an office every day, it is quite easy to fall into bad habits.  Here are five quick fixes for improving posture when you sit at a desk.

  •  1) Support Your Lower Back

You can reduce the strain on your back with lower back support. Meaning you should use an adjustable chair so that you can find the perfect height and tilt to support your lower back. If you can’t immediately get your hands on a better chair, use a cushion to increase support in that area.

  •  2) Change the Position of Your Screen

Think about adjusting  your computer screen so that the top is basically level with your eyes. This will help you naturally sit better as you look at the screen throughout the day. It also helps to make sure that there is no glare or reflection on the screen so that you don’t have to strain to see it. Continue reading “Friday Health Tips!” »