Eating Healthy When Eating Out

When you’re making an effort to eat healthy, eating at a restaurant can be a problem. While the food is usually quite tasty and you didn’t have to prepare it, it can also be loaded with enemies to your heart like saturated fat and sugar. But most menus offer some healthy selections that can make eating out both delicious and healthful. When my wife and I are out we always check for low calorie menu items.

Usually at first people look in the menu for healthy food located in the salad section. Many salads can be healthy, but you need to make sure that the ingredients – especially dressings – are low in saturated fat. In some cases there’s so much fat and so many calories in restaurant salads, you’d be better off eating a hamburger!

You can always choose grilled items that are lower in grease. Chicken makes a lower fat alternative to beef. And fish offers a heart healthy fat that actually helps to protect your arteries and veins from cholesterol. Baked or grilled fish is the perfect option when eating out. Continue reading “Eating Healthy When Eating Out” »