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I Eat Eggs Every Day!

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Always look for organic eggs, since they don’t contain antibiotics, hormones, and vaccines. The quality of organic eggs is regulated by the USDA.

Dr. Molly Morgan, RD, a board certified sports specialist dietician, found that eggs have different color, and it depends on the type of the chicken. The nutritional value is the same.

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on Earth, so try to eat them more often. We give you 12 reasons to do that.

  1. Eggs will save you

Human body produces eleven amino acids, and it needs nine more to function properly. Eggs can give you the remaining nine acids. The lack of these fatty acids causes muscle wasting, weak immunity, weakness, fatigue, and weak hair and skin.

  1. Regulate cholesterol

Cholesterol can cause many problems. There are two type of cholesterol, bad and good. Eggs are packed with healthy portions.

  1. Immunity boost

Eat an egg or two every day to fight infections, diseases and viruses. Eggs contain 22% of your recommended daily intake of selenium. This nutrient strengthens immunity, and regulates thyrid hormones.

Children should eat eggs as well. Selenium deficiency may lead to the development of Keshan disease and kashin-Beck disease. This applies to both children and adults.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart problems

LDL or bad cholesterol molecules tend to attach on artery walls, leading to atherosclerosis.

HDL particles discard fatty molecules from the arteries. There are many kinds of LDL particles, and these are all different in size.

Researchers have confirmed that the bigger the particle, the better. People with small LDL particles run at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular issues when compared to individuals who have large particles.

Eggs can increase LDL particles, and thus reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Stimulate brain

Choline in eggs gives your body nutritive value and power. It’s also consisted in cell membranes. Choline is also needed in the synthesis of acetylcholine.

Over 90% of all Americans eat less than the recommended daily amount of the neurotransmitter. Numerous studies have shown that the lack of choline causes neurological disorders and impaired cognitive ability.

  1. Eggs strengthen teeth and bones

Eggs are one of the rare natural sources of vitamin D which makes them beneficial for our skin and teeth. Eggs improve the absorption of calcium, and this is great for the function of your heart, colon and metabolism.

  1. Eggs improve skin complexion and hair

You can’t expect that your hair and skin will look great if you aren’t healthy. Eggs contain vitamins B2, B5, and B12. These B vitamins in eggs strengthen your hair, skin and eyes. These improve the function of your liver and brain, too.

  1. Improve vision

Egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin. This reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts, the two major reasons for blindness and vision impairment.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular consumption of egg yolks increases zeaxanthin levels by 114-142%. Lutein levels are increased by 28-50%.

  1. Lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, eggs are the real deal for you. Eggs can help you melt fat and lose excess pounds.

An eight-week study showed people who eat eggs for breakfast lose 65% more weight than these who don’t. You will also lose 16% more body fat, reduce 61%  of BMI, and 34% of your waist circumference.

  1. Feel full

Eggs are rich in protein. Some experts use them as a measure for protein. Studies have shown that high-protein foods affect appetite. The satiety Index estimates the effect of foods on your fullness, and eggs are somewhere in the top.

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety

We already wrote about the nine amino acids found in eggs. These amino acids can also affect your mental health. A 2004 study by the National Academy of Sciences showed that you can reduce anxiety and stress by adjusting serotonin levels in the nervous system.

  1. Eggs boost energy

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin and other B vitamins are good for your energy, since they convert the food you eat in fuel. One egg contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B2. Eggs not only boost your energy, but also tone your body. Eggs belong to the group of 25 powerful body-toning foods.

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Do You Know What Prediabetes Is?


This sneaky health condition has no symptoms. But it’s almost always present before you get type 2 diabetes. It means your blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not yet high enough for you to be diagnosed with the disease.About 86 million people in the U.S. over age 20 have prediabetes. And doctors see the need to diagnose it more often. Treating it can prevent more serious health problems later on. These range from type 2 diabetes to problems with your heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys.By the time you’re diagnosed with diabetes, many of these problems have already taken hold.

Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?

You’re most likely to get this disease if you:

You should get tested for prediabetes if you meet the criteria above and you:

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